Jeonbuk Hyundai employee who runs 36km to work, not even a car.jpgif Shaking

Three records of running to and from work
My hobby is 3 types of iron man, so don’t run
He rides a bicycle

3 bike commuting records
Not running, but riding a bicycle to work

Medical trainer, Mr. Juban Oliveira
I used to do surfing, cycling, track and field as a hobby since I was young
How can I recover my body quickly and build muscle strength?
to wonder if I can manage it in good condition I chose to major in college
After graduation, I worked for Santos FC, a prestigious club based in Santos City, Sao Paulo, where the university is located
Since then, Dinamo Kiev Shakhtar has had a career in overseas clubs such as Ukraine and Al Sharjah UAE
Fans in North Jeolla Province call him Bongdong Hwata

When Son Joon-ho and Lee Jae-sung, who moved abroad, come to Korea,
It’s like I’m doing rehabilitation with this person

Working out is a break

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