Captain Son Heung-min will wear a new captain’s armband from the match against Ghana

Doha Qatar = Newsis reporter Park Ji-hyuk = Captain Son Heung-min, the captain’s armband that made Tottenham uncomfortable throughout the game will be replaced
An official of the Korea Football Association said,
Korea time for work
We’re going to rebuild the captain’s armband at the
We’ve decided to give it to all participating countries We said we’d probably get it tomorrow, the day before the game
Son Heung-min is
against Uruguay at Education City Stadium in Alaiyan, Qatar
He started in the first group match of Group H at the Qatar World Cup
With an orbital fracture injury and surgery,
Son Heung-min, who is not in good condition, played in a black student mask specially produced by his team Even the captain’s armband got on my nerves even though the mask was a burden
According to the regulations, I wore the captain’s armband on the left upper arm, but it was so loose that it kept flowing down and straightened it, but it bothered me every time I ran
Son Heung-min replaced his armband during the game, but the new one was no different I even ran with it in my hand
Other teams had similar situations Germany’s captain, goalkeeper Manuel Neuer Bayern Munich,
I fixed my armband with tape against Japan

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