Married woman Kim Bok-ja 39-year-old Christmas manhwa

image text translation

(1)Honey, this year
(2)Let’s make it fancy
(3)Who’s son is so pretty?
(4)Merry Christmas!
(5)Good night, my loveā™„
(6)Merry Christmas
(7)Oh! Glove!
(8)Moisturizing cream is expensive, but it’s really giving it to me
(9)What? What?
(10)I’ll go in now
(11)Go to bed after changing
(12)Since I sent a package to the army
(13)I’m sure you’ve got it by now
(14)Santa Claus
(15)Aren’t you going to give me a present?
(16)This year’s good deed
(17)I did it a lot
(18)Is he younger than me?
(19)Will I have a younger brother?
(20)Merry Christmas
(21)Happy New Year

The source is angry

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