Wise Lee Ha-nee

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(2)Child is not the property of parents. Parenting
(3)Lee Ha-nui who was asked if I was going to shoot a content
(4)I gave a sharp answer
(5)That’s so true
(6)Writer Hwang Nam-kyung
(7)December 24, 2022 321 PM
(8)Actress Lee Ha-nui
(9)News 1 Vogue Korea
(10)Lee Ha-nui, who held her daughter in her arms in June, asked if she wanted to do a parenting content
(11)I gave a firm answer to the question that gave me a lot of enlightenment

image text translation

(1)When asked if she’s thinking about doing parenting content, she said it’s okay to do it
(2)I have a lot of thoughts, but I have to reveal my daughter to do that, and I don’t think I’m revealing it regardless of his intention He went on to say, “He has his life, and he just came to me, and I don’t want to make him my property.” I’m a person who wants to play the role of a helper to help a child come into the world and live well
(3)I was told that I sometimes thought I had rights, which gave me a deep realization


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