What Happens When You Cut Flour

image text translation

(1)Flour for 7 days
(2)a change that occurs when you cut it off
(3)1 Decrease acne and improve skin
(4)It hurts twice as much, and the gas is gone, and my stomach feels better.
(5)3. Fatigue is gradually disappearing and the morning is refreshing.
(6)4. As the addictive ingredients that make you feel good disappear, your personality deteriorates.
(7)5 The joy of life disappears and asks philosophical questions about life.
(8)6 My brain becomes healthy and my mind becomes clear, but when I smell bread, I suddenly change. 7 I find out that I like wheat tteokbokki, not tteokbokki. 8 I find that it’s not because of flour that I don’t lose weight.

Conclusion: It’s the same for gaining weight, but it only gets worse. LOL

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