Suspected infidelity, collective lynching.

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(1)I had an affair with my husband. Doubtful.
(2)Love and war between the three sisters who grabbed their hair.
(3)Han Kwang-beom Input 202321 211018
(4)During the after-school teacher class, he went to the classroom and witnessed the assault of the group of students. Your teacher, the flower snake.
(5)Considering the agreement to sentence a fine of KRW 2 million to KRW 3 million.
(6)Three sisters were fined by the court for mass assaulting a woman suspected of cheating with the husband of one of the E-Daily Han Kwang-bum reporters.
(7)According to the legal community on the 21st, Park Sang-soo, a senior judge at the Gwangju District Court, sentenced three sisters, including A, who were put on trial for violating the Punishment of Violence and Other Acts, to a fine of 2 million won to 3 million won.
(8)In December 2021, A and others visited a high school where B, a woman suspected of having an affair with the husband of one of the sisters, works as an after-school teacher.
(9)They assaulted B for five minutes by entering the classroom where he was taking after-school classes, not allowing the students who were taking classes to leave the classroom, and then grabbing their hair or punching them.
(10)Mr. A and others assaulted and shouted to the students, “Listen to what kind of person your teacher is and go. He is a flower snake that seduces men to meet.”
(11)Their assault continued outside the school. When Mr. B, who came out of the school, collapsed crying near the main gate, he assaulted him by spraying it on Mr. B’s head and grabbing his hair again. Mr. B was injured for two weeks by the assault of Mr. A’s sister.
(12)The school judged that A’s sister had the students watch the assault scene as child abuse and reported it to the police. The police booked A’s sister on charges of joint injury and child abuse and sent her to the prosecution.
(13)The prosecution also summarily indicted A’s sisters for a fine of 4 million won to 5 million won, respectively, but the court referred them to a formal trial instead of a summary order. A’s sisters agreed with B during the trial.
(14)The court pointed out, “A’s sisters jointly visited B’s working school, injured him, and made students witness it, causing mental shock,” adding, “The method is not good.”


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