The cruelest first day of work legend in the history of entertainment.jpg

image text translation

(1)KBS Headquarters
(2)There’s a new producer on the 1 night 2 day team.
(3)It’s been assigned!
(4)I’m still a new employee, so I don’t know the streets of KBS.
(5)New PD who just joined the company!
(6)A hidden camera prank for the producer.
(7)We’ll be ready for the hidden camera in a little while.
(8)When I joined the producer,
(9)the author of 2001 or she wrote it’
(10)I think I hung up.
(11)North Jeolla Province longevity
(12)Between the staff and the cast,
(13)an open joke
(14)a friendly atmosphere on the set
(15)The mood phrase or…
(16)I hope you join Team A.
(17)You did a great job.
(18)Nightmare begins.
(19)Hodong finally exploded!
(20)Why are you talking about me?
(21)The atmosphere on the set is already a mess!
(22)We’ve got a problem.
(23)You’re older than me.
(24)I’m talking.
(25)I’m sending him to my teacher.
(26)I want to go home.
(27)For me, family…
(28)Hyeyo! First of all,
(29)I’m first.
(30)Two people who don’t take a step back!
(31)The new PD keeps making fun of me!
(32)Come to the new 00!


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