The landscape of the real estate market is more brutal than expected.

image text translation

(1)Just remember that house prices are going up.
(2)Ants are 20.
(3)Kim Pro, until early 2015, on the footbridge or on the streets of Seoul,
(4)Ants are AD.
(5)the greatest
(6)The placard was…
(7)Live and live!
(8)Exercise Songdo Jeonse Sale for 2 years!
(9)120 million shares
(10)Decided after living for two years.
(11)After living two years of transportation, Jeonse sale!
(12)One hundred and twenty million occupancy.
(13)Decided after living for two years.
(14)Make a decision after living at Lotte Castle Arte.
(15)Live and live a life of unconventional marketing in the recession of apartments.

image text translation

(1)a barbed-wire apartment
(2)a barbed-wire apartment
(3)After moving in and living in peace for two months,
(4)I’m on duty every night.
(5)Jobap #Apartment
(6)You must be reminded of your time in the military.
(7)I think it’s more than the military.
(8)See you tomorrow. Have a nice day.
(9)an asylum-seeker
(10)Everyone’s not protecting their property. I’m trying to protect my property.
(11)a barbed-wire apartment
(12)I mean, it’s night and day.
(13)I just sat down and the money flew away.
(14)one’s first apartment
(15)2014 Famous Song Safety First Dangerous
(16)Barbed wire #Apartment
(17)a barbed-wire crab apartment
(18)The original network #Apartment
(19)Digging into the ground.
(20)Then, I’ll put the barbed wire on the bottom.
(21)● If you hit it, you can’t even dig in.
(22)a barbed-wire apartment
(23)Everyone is coming in to see the house.
(24)a barbed-wire apartment
(25)a barbed-wire apartment
(26)20 percent, 30 percent. That’s the price.
(27)It’s about 80 million won.
(28)the first barbed-wire apartment
(29)Even when I’m sleeping, my eyes open.
(30)The 21st day of unity.
(31)Unjeongra 22 Block Halla, Korea’s housing security, something.
(33)It’s different. 22 blocks.
(35)a barbed-wire apartment
(36)Hanla is going to…
(37)a housing guarantee for
(38)Dani (Danny)”
(39)You can be scammed.
(40)the method of complementing B
(41)Hanzo’s first apartment.
(42)Control when moving in for sale
(43)After moving in and picking it up, the laundry…
(44)The person who does the yeyo-jip…
(45)Come in between 1 and 12 o’clock.West
(46)641 North View Apartments
(47)Straw Compass One Stone
(48)He sneaked into the back seat of the 12th car.
(49)There are people hiding in the trunk, too.
(50)a view apartment
(51)an apartment in combination
(52)Here before. Someone cut it and came in.
(53)a new 10,000 won apartment
(54)I cut it with a nipper.
(55)The unsold apartment construction company shook off the volume after a 20-30 discount, but it was on a watch to prevent tenants who bought the apartment with a discount.


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