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image text translation

(1)- Jjuyeop, the boss of eating.
(2)Kim Hojoong, thank you for coming.feat.
(3)Jeong Ho-young ▷ Kaden mukbang
(4)380,000 views. 3 hours ago.
(5)Thank you for coming.
(6)Thank you!
(7)The weight of the patty is 1kg ● Quiet.
(8)Handmade ver located in a residential area
(9)170,000 views, 3 days before
(10)a quiet alley
(11)A famous patty restaurant.
(12)Black pork is back after 3 years.
(13)My favorite restaurant! When I’m a basketball coach,
(14)290,000 views and 7 days ago.
(15)ENG. Warm~ Stew
(16)The juicier rib shovel.
(17)220,000 views, 10 days before
(19)The day when the gravy burst 1553
(20)Starting from the ENG entrance, it’s thick.
(21)250,000 views waiting for the wooden meat 2 weeks ago.
(22)Confidence MAX.
(23)a piece of rice
(24)ENG, full of juice.
(25)Should I start with the back fleshy ribs?
(26)260,000 views. 2 weeks ago.
(27)If you grill it, it gets thicker.
(28)Lantern Flower Restaurant 1523
(29)With ENG rice noodles.
(30)A trip to Vietnam begins.
(31)Heath 25 and 30. I…

The view count has been dropping steadily.

Will he come back to the basketball court?

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