The burger that Mom’s Touch said it would be luxurious, but only ate all the bad words.jpg

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(1)Even if the music opens, JOHN COOK.
(2)John Cook Delimit collaboration showcasing MOM’s authentic products.
(3)Real Beef Burger.
(4)Fresh beef made by Meister!
(6)John Cook Delimitte
(7)roast beef
(8)Single Product 7500 1 set 9500
(9)Roast beef roast vegetables from Real Beef Burger are cold cooked and served cold.

image text translation

(1)1 Grilled Eggplant Juquini
(2)Putting the eggplant into the burger, which has a lot of likes and dislikes.
(3)There were many opinions that it was slippery, and there were many opinions that I didn’t know why I put it in because it was soft, too.
(4)2 Low Temperature Cooking
(5)This part of the burger is responsible for 90 in the part where it is criticized, and usually low-temperature dishes mean that it is cooked at 40 to 60 degrees like Soubid, which means that no matter how low-temperature dishes are, it is warm.
(6)But this burger is really cold as if it was taken out of the refrigerator.
(7)I don’t know if I ordered a hamburger or a sandwich.
(8)There was a deluge of complaints that
(9)I was insulted that it’s like a time-consuming burger.
(10)3 Premium Burger
(11)The rest of this part is getting cursed at.
(12)Suddenly, Mom’s Touch was a premium burger and it was the most annoying part when I sold it in such high quality.
(13)I ended up being ridiculed a lot.
(14)Mom’s Touch was also treated as a child who abandoned it, but it was discontinued in July 2021.

Is it a burger called a curse coupon?

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