What surprised me when I came to Japan.

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(1)What surprised me when I came to Japan was that I looked up 529 months ago 684
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(3)There’s not much age difference when you date or get married.
(4)1-2 years old or the same age.
(5)And if you’re a woman, 26 men, 27, you’really.
(6)You said you were getting married very early.
(7)It’s especially late in Korea.
(8)Now that I think about it, that’s right.
(9)Most of China and Japan think about getting married when it’s 25-26 years old. I think the age difference is because there’s no military. In Korea, there’s an economic difference because of the military, so women marry a lot of people 3-4 years older.
(10)I’m in my late 20s and they call me an old maid.
(11)I was shocked to see that.
(12)Oh, right. He asked me if I still haven’t married a guy.
(13)They don’t go to the army. When you’re 23 years old, everyone thinks about getting married.
(14)Thailand is going to the army, but they do it early, too.
(15)It’s been 2 years since I was in the military, but the age of first marriage in Japan is 25-26 and 33-35 in Korea.
(16)Well, in Japan, people who are usually nominated from the third grade
(17)Let’s have a lot. You graduate and get a job without a break.
(18)I think marriage is possible soon because it’s stable.
(19)I think it’s true that Korea is doing it especially late, but the military is struggling with jobs
(20)There is no other country with more serious housing problems than Korea.
(21)I think it’s a problem to buy a house and rent a house.
(22)Most Japanese kids who are alone can pay up to 150-200 monthly rent.
(23)You lived a small life, but there was no charter in the first place. 9 months ago.
(24)That’s right. In Japanese entertainment shows and dramas, if women or men go over 30, they are married men and if they say they can’t get married, the media itself is definitely getting married under 30!!!!This feeling. So all my Japanese friends said they would get married in the mid to late 20s, but I felt that the social atmosphere and thoughts about marriage age are very different from Korea.
(25)Yes, you’re really right. I’m 28 years old. They’re asking why I didn’t get married.
(26)Spring office girls are all married except me.
(27)That’s why you called me an old maid in advance.
(28)That’s right. I think so. Let’s get married~ This kind of atmosphere in Japan.
(29)I think it’s really strong.
(30)You said you don’t have an army for a man, so in your early and mid 20s, you had a relationship with a woman.
(31)You said you were going to get in trouble.
(32)You’re a man.
(33)They say that there’s a 10-year difference in the age of first marriage even if you’re not in the military.
(34)Is it only because of generosity?
(35)It’s my benefit, but there are a lot of people who try to do it.
(36)see the group as a result of its many conceptions of monthly rent.
(37)There are many cases where we live together, and Lubo is married.
(38)Let’s do it quickly.
(39)I’m 26 years old and I don’t even think about getting married.


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