I canceled my order for a refund when I woke up, and I threatened

image text translation

(1)I canceled my refund order when I woke up.
(2)I’m threatening to post it on your mom cafe.
(3)Input 20221229 PM 200
(4)Reporter Hong Min-sung.
(5)1 family.
(6)Ridiculous requests for food refund when a child wakes up.
(7)I canceled my order, so I can post it on Mom Cafe.

image text translation

(1)My order has been canceled twice. Why?
(2)846 p.m.
(3)Hello, I’m ;;^^
(4)You didn’t pick up the phone.
(5)I’ll text you.We’re…
(6)Inevitably, the delivery agent…
(7)I was using it and the rider said,
(8)When the child wakes up, he is sensitive to refund requests and cannot be dispatched.
(9)That’s what it is.
(10)MMS 851 PM
(11)Please excuse me.ㅜㅜ
(12)I feel so bad. When my child wakes up, will I really ask for a refund?Think about it.Don’t call me out of the blue. Are you a part-timer?
(13)Do I have permission to cancel my order?
(14)You can post a complaint and post it on Mom Cafe.
(15)855 p.m.
(16)Yes, please post a lot.^^
(17)You ordered it last time and knocked on requests.
(18)Writing a one-star review because I did it quickly.
(19)I know all the reviews. Self-employed people.
(20)It’s a lifeline. And…
(21)Raising a kid isn’t a campaign, so please don’t overdo it.~^^
(22)I’m raising a child, and my mother acts like a customer when she raises me.
(23)You didn’t. I’ll never order again.
(24)Drink it and make sure to post it!!
(25)859 p.m.
(26)I hope you’ll get this.

I don’t know if it’s really a personality.

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