Five prosecutors reported to the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission

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(1)Sherlock, a truth-finding group.
(2)Sincerely, the group theory.
(3)January 25th, 451pm
(4)Sherlock reported five prosecutors to the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission. This is for the first time that prosecutors recover overseas training fees due to plagiarism.
(5)About 200 million won was spent on overseas training spent on five illegal and poor papers, and prosecutors who went on free study abroad and those responsible for avoiding responsibility for the recovery were reported as corrupt acts.
(6)In particular, the three prosecutors reported further violations of copyright law as acts of public interest infringement.
(7)★ Your sharing gives Sherlock the greatest strength.
(8)#Sherlock #Truth Exploration GroupSherlock #Reporter Kim Bo-kyung #Prosecution Reform #Paper plagiarism
(9)the Civil Rights Commission
(10)the right of the people
(11)Five prosecutors who studied abroad for free reported corruption. Sherlock
(12)Truth exploration group Sherlock selected five suspected plagiarism prosecutors from the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission.


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