a wife who crossed the line

image text translation

(1)My kindergarten son started riding a two-wheeled bicycle every evening.
(2)I’m going on a ride.
(3)Yesterday, I was taking a shower together after riding, and suddenly he saw my stuff and why is Woo and Dad’s so big?
(4)He asked me that, so I answered that I’ll grow when I grow up and moved on.
(5)I let him wash up first and then call his wife to put on lotion.
(6)When I came out of the shower, my wife was putting on lotion in her room.
(7)I heard you talking to your dad earlier. Not only your dad, but also everyone else is precious, so you can’t look at other people’s and say, “You can’t say it’s big or small.”
(8)When I saw my wife pointing out the parenting points that I missed, I thought that she was a good mother.
(9)And my father is very small or big or small to my friends. talk to each other
(10)If it’s you, it can’t be you!


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