Mother buying birth control pills.

image text translation

(1)Assassination is raw.
(2)Mercyron Jung
(3)I went to the market with my mom and got two Merciron bottles.(Laughs)504 p.m.
(4)Muzi in Ryan Boong Boongka
(5)Good, good.
(6)Mom bought it for me. 2.
(7)Yes.(Laughs) I bought a whole bottle, and my mom said,
(8)I’ll count it as two or three.
(9)505 p.m.
(10)Cute tube.
(11)My mom gave me birth control pills.
(12)506 p.m.
(13)Oh, it makes you take birth control pills.
(14)You can eat it. It’s a bit of a little…
(15)Two on the single letter.
(16)507 p.m.
(17)You’re not forcing me to feed you. I bought you something because I ate it’s just that’s why I bought it for you.
(18)The mother who pays for the birth control pills is a copy of this.
(19)I didn’t get proper contraception.
(20)Better than having an abortion and tearing a baby to death.
(21)It’s about me 3.
(22)508 p.
(23)Oh, right. You had an abortion.
(24)509 p.


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