Grandmother’s snack that caught the taste of the MZ generation.jpg

image text translation

(1)AMZ fell in love with grandma’s snack.
(2)MZ into grandma’s taste.
(3)Kim Gyuyeon, Gyeyang-gu, Incheon
(4)I bought about 11. I like yakgwa.
(5)My friends go out to buy it, too.
(6)What do you mean by stealing the national inspection.
(7)Kim Ran-hee, a Gwangjang Market merchant.
(8)Many young people come and buy it, so they post it on social media and carry it around in their handbags.
(10)Yakgwa ticketing
(11)One drink per person.
(12)I’m going to do two packs of anti-septic.
(13)Genuine medicine and two.
(14)Ticket ticketing time is limited to this department, so additional purchases are not allowed.
(15)It’s coming.
(16)I’m sorry.
(17)Good. 35.
(18)I tried throughout my pregnancy, but I failed.
(19)They didn’t even produce it because the factory was closed for the time being, so they gave me more money.
(20)Post a picture of successful ticketing on social media.
(21)Twenty thousand won
(22)27000 won
(23)See more used transactions >
(24)● grandmother’s taste
(25)Millennials Enjoying Fashion and Food
(26)Park Geon-tae Cafe staff
(27)With the trend of grandmothering for young people, I’ll show you my SNS and ask if there’s a menu.
(28)They ask and drink mugwort latte the most. Mugwort rice cake castella…Tooth
(29)The perception of traditional snacks changes due to the spread of grandmotherhood.
(30)I’ve never eaten yakgwa in Seodaemun-gu, Seoul. It’s delicious.
(31)It wasn’t there during the holidays, but it’s this.
(32)You seem to be on YouTube a lot.

Yakgwa is really sweet and delicious.

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