Kim Jong Kook is not that stingy.

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(1)My mom watched “My Little Old Boy” a lot.
(2)I’m not that stingy.
(3)What do you think? What do you think about wet wipes?
(4)But if you put it in your pocket and use it again,
(5)You know, at restaurants. “Give me a napkin”. He always gives me 2 or 3 napkins.
(6)People like that… I asked for a napkin, but if you give me a whole napkin,
(7)Oh, that’s nice.
(8)During Jong Kook’s concert, he was eating bread and got cream on his face.
(9)So I thought he needed to wipe it off, so I took out the napkin and gave him one.
(10)But I got in trouble there.
(11)What do you think?
(12)I can wipe it with my hands.
(13)Why are you giving me napkins?
(14)What about the stains on your hands?
(15)You wiped it on your clothes.
(16)I can’t believe I wiped it on my clothes.
(17)I didn’t wipe it on my clothes.
(18)What do you cook when you cook ramen?
(19)If you boil it with purified water,
(20)You’re going to scold me. I know.
(21)I think water from the water purifier is okay.
(22)Haha made it with bottled water.
(23)He’s eating it with Evian.
(25)It will be more expensive than ramen.


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