That’s why Bento quit as national team coach. shudder jpg

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(1)■ That’s courageous. Portugal middle-aged.
(2)Going to the Gallog.
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(4)How dare you stand in front of Jim?
(5)As the rumor has it, I’m trembling with a huge amount of intolerance.
(6)colleagues in your home country who challenged me.
(7)What kind of “end-of-
(9)You don’t know yet?
(10)Mourinho replaced
(11)Not at Tottenham next season
(12)My brother and sister tax.
(13)And poor Andre.
(14)Of course I know.
(15)And actually, I want to give up.
(16)be afraid again
(17)After my back, 50 million “hope”
(18)This is it!
(19)Stop you here.
(20)I will lead Korea to glory!
(21)I haven’t seen a funny guy in a while.
(22)Let’s start “The Banquet”.

image text translation

(1)Game over Brazil 4-1 South Korea
(2)Son Heung-min scored 4 points.
(3)That’s it.
(4)Is it?
(5)Raise your head, middle-aged.
(6)Overrun all-out performance in the round of 16
(7)I can’t deny it.
(8)In the future, my country, the Korean people,
(10)Please take good care of me, middle-aged.
(11)Hold on to your device, irrelevant man!
(12)Where are we going? We’re still going.
(13)!The conclusion is that
(14)To shoot a commercial.
(15)Dong-A Ilbo International
(16)Bento will not renew his contract…”I was satisfied for 4 years”.
(17)Doha = Reporter Kim Dong-wook
(18)Input 2022-12-06658 Update 2022-12-06744
(19)South Korea’s national soccer team coach YORLD Paulo Bento is encouraging players who finished the game by losing 1-4 at Doha Stadium 974 in Qatar on the afternoon of the 5th. 2022126 Doha Qatar = News 1
(20)2022 Qatar World Cup
(21)Round of 16 Brazil Police Force


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