Update on Foreign Minister Park Jin

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(1)D Yonhap News Agency
(2)Park Jin comfort women, Dokdo issue, Korea and Japan
(3)We can’t discuss it on the agenda at the summit.
(4)Kim Hyojung Input 2023 318 2222
(5)▼ 8th Street.
(6)Korea-Japan joint interest in the recruitment issue is meaningful.
(7)I expect that the response will continue.
(8)the Minister of Foreign Affairs
(9)Foreign Minister Park Jin-jin’s Yonhap News data photo

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(1)All three surviving victims rejected the government’s solution.
(2)He said he would continue to visit with sincerity, explain this solution, and continue his efforts to seek understanding.
(3)Regarding the issue of the right to indemnify Japanese defendants after Korea took the lead in compensating the victims, Minister Park said, “If we made such a big decision, what difference would it be if we exercised the right to indemnify them after the judgment was paid?”
(4)President Yoon Suk Yeol said in a joint press conference after the Korea-Japan summit that he has not considered exercising the right to indemnify Japanese defendants.


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(1)a current affairs journal
(2)Park Jin Daughter disguised herself.
(3)Next, dad’s chance, preferential treatment.
(4)Reporter Lee Won-seok and Koo Min-ju, Iws sisajournalcom.
(5)⊙ Approval 2022050200830
(6)Foreign Minister nominee’s daughter, Yeh San-ji, South Korean government.
(7)Worked at the U.S.-based non-American research institute for about three years.
(8)When former Ambassador Stevens, known as the candidate’s best friend, took office as the director, he was newly hired as a new position and supported the report of the candidate’s daughter’s job announcement, which had nothing to do with personal friendship.

Even if they were your daughters,

If you can say the same thing, I admit it.

A traitor who will go down in history after Japanese colonial era.

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