Infant propofol prescription doctor caught self-dosing

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(1)Infant Propofol Prescription Doctor Self-dose to Himself.
(2)Input 2023-03-17030000
(3)During the police raid, the witness warrant was rejected.
(4)A doctor who prescribed propofol to actor Yoo Ah-in’s real name Um Hong-sik and 37 received a substantial examination of an arrest warrant on the 16th for administering propofol himself, but the warrant was rejected by the court.The infant is currently under police investigation for taking four types of drugs, including propofol.
(5)Yoo Chang-hoon, a senior judge in charge of warrants at the Seoul Central District Court, rejected an arrest warrant for doctor A suspected of violating the Drug Control Act later in the day. Judge Yoo said, “A admits his fault and related evidence has been secured,” adding, “It is difficult to say that there is a risk of destroying evidence or running away in light of the results of residential and occupational interrogations,” and the police arrested him as a current offender on the 13th while confiscating and searching the infant’s residence and related hospitals.

image text translation

(1)I searched for A and he’s on medication.

I went to search and seizure, and they’re taking it lol

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