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(1)Daily Economic Subscription
(2)Korea University boy caught in the shower.
(3)Input 20230310 PM 542 Article ID
(4)Reporter Lee Ji-an
(5)1 family.
(6)Filming illegally at the men’s quarters.
(7)You get caught in the mirror.
(8)He’s suspected of filming in the men’s room.
(9)A male student of Korea University was sent to the prosecution after being caught secretly filming male students in the bathroom of the school and in the shower room of the dormitory.
(10)According to the Maeil Business News on the 10th, Seongbuk Police Station in Seoul sent a Korea University student A to the prosecution in January on charges of filming using cameras that violated the Special Act on Punishment of Sexual Violence Crimes. On October 27 last year, A was caught secretly filming three to four male students taking a shower in the men’s shower room of the dormitory in the university.


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