Surprisingly, it can be done with 150 million won.

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(1)Hankook Ilbo Society
(2)I raised him as my own daughter for 42 years.
(3)It turns out that I’m a different person in the maternity unit.
(4)Input 20230318 1800
(5)Subscribe to the largest number of reporters.
(6)Blood types that can’t come out between husband and wife.
(7)It’s rare that the court has changed in its lifetime.

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(1)According to the legal profession on the 18th, the Seoul Western District Court Civil Service Unit 13
(2)Judge Kim Jin-hee recently ruled in favor of the plaintiff in a lawsuit filed by A and his daughter B against the head of the obstetrics and gynecology hospital, saying, “The hospital should compensate three people a total of 150 million won, 50 million won each.”

Change someone else’s child.

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