Jinju Maehwa Forest, which was open to citizens for free. Shaking.

image text translation

(1)Jinju Maehwa Forest, a spring attraction, is closing.
(2)Jinju plum forest, a famous spring attraction
(3)As of the 13th, the reason for the closure is because
(4)Jinju Maehwa Forest, Doksan-ri, Naedong-myeon, Jinju-si
(5)Jinju Maehwa Forest, a spring attraction, was closed on the 13th because
(6)Park Min-cheol, operator of Jinju Plum Forest
(7)It was created in 2008 and has been managed by my family for the past 15 years.
(8)It’s a farm. Since a lot of trees grow and flowers bloom,
(9)We’ve been open to the public for the past five years.
(10)Let’s watch it together when the flowers bloom.
(11)About 10,000 plum blossoms are planted in 50 species.
(12)It has established itself as a flower viewing spot through broadcasting and SNS.
(13)Jowoon Incheon Bupyeong-gu Town
(14)I searched on the internet. When I first put it down, it smelled so good.
(15)When I parked the car, it was prettier than I thought and there were many flowers.
(16)Jinju Maehwa Forest, a famous spring attraction.
(17)As of the 13th, the abandoned oil field plum forest was established in 2008.
(18)From 2019 to 2023,
(19)It’s open to the public.Five years.
(20)After March 13, 2023,
(21)We’re strictly controlled.
(22)There will be no opening point in the future.
(23)I’m going to wrap up Jinju Maehwa Forest.
(24)Thank you.
(25)Jinju Maehwa Forest is closed for the first time in five years.
(26)Part 13 of the print is…
(27)More and more trees are damaged because of some visitors.
(28)Spring attraction Jinju plum forest chain
(29)U is…
(30)If it’s too bad, we can’t let the car in.
(31)Welcome to spring attractions.
(32)The plum forest is closed until a management plan is prepared.
(33)Spring attraction Jinju plum forest oil
(34)The 13th closure is…
(35)Park Min-cheol, owner of pearl plum blossoms
(36)You need to take care of the damaged wood a little bit more with the trouble chart of the Bungo relationship.
(37)It’s going to be easier, and I’ll open it up again.
(38)a cross-strait flower forest
(39)As of the 13th, the reason for the closure is because
(40)Dramatic operation magnetization
(41)I think I need some time to rest with my family and trees.The
(42)Spring attraction Jinju Flower Forest
(43)13th day
(44)Kim Kwan-hee and Heo Seol-hee, Chungmugong-dong, Jinju-si
(45)After this year, if there’s not a lot of people who are disappointed, there’s no place to see flowers.
(46)I think so.

Operation suspended due to severe damage to the tree

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