A country where a woman buys a house when she gets married.

image text translation

(1)Nam Jae Hyun’s Korean history vs. picture feat reaction.
(2)When you get married.
(3)Korean culture where most men prepare their homes
(4)Nam Jae Hyun’s son-in-law in Korea vs. Greece.
(5)I do laundry in Greece.
(6)Nam Jae-hyun protests in Korea vs. Greece
(7)Andreas’ wife’s parents need to buy a house.
(8)Nam Jae Hyun, Korean son-in-law vs. Greek son-in-law
(9)- Love Greece SS
(10)God damn it.
(11)Greek son-in-law in Korean history
(12)I told him to give me his house.
(13)Nam Jae Hyun, Korean son-in-law, Greek son-in-law.
(14)Andreas, usually my wife’s parents buy a house and my husband keeps working and making money.
(15)Nam Jae Hyun’s Korean son-in-law vs. Greek son-in-law.
(16)Andreas, who manages economic money in Korea?
(17)Korean history vs. Greek history.
(18)Sam, in Korea, women.
(19)Nam Jae Hyun, Korean son-in-law vs. We in Greece.
(20)Andreas, in Greece, it must be managed by a man.
(21)That’s why Greece, the father-in-law, has a long history.
(22)South Korea vs. Greece Protests in South Korea
(23)I should’ve gotten married.
(24)Nam Jae-han Korea Siwon vs. Greek son-in-law
(25)That’s what the right country is like!
(26)Korean son-in-law who is a man vs Greek son-in-law.
(27)The old man…


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