fromis_9 are saying that they’re disbanding

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(1)Some say fromis_9 is disbanding
(2)CONDUCT 16 minutes ago 1829
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(4)Fromis_9’s solo comeback in mid-March
(5)Our first full-length album since our debut
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(7)Reporter Kwak Hyun-soo
(8)Group fromis_9 is the first com as a whole group of 8
(9)start the bag
(10)According to multiple K-pop officials on the 13th, fromis_9 recently finished preparing for the last album and began counting their comeback
(11)An article came out in February that we’re making a comeback in mid-March
(12)From March, the Weverse app, where members and fans communicate, has an unlimited number of activities
(13)It’s our member’s birthday today, but there are no comments on Weverse, let alone live streaming
(14)People are saying that I’m going to be like PRISTIN or GFRIEND

I think fromis_9 would be pretty popular

The fact that we don’t have a full album yet

I guess it’s not easy to release a full-length idol album

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