Unexpectedly, products that teenagers can’t buy

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(1)Because it’s cooking wine[Laughing] [Laughing]
(3)Raw material name and content Refined water White sugar Jujeong Rice Foreign forest
(4)Nutritional enhancer Nutritional enhancer Citric Acid Ending
(5)a consumer counseling office
(6)Storage method Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool place. White crystals may form at the entrance of the bottle or its contents
(7)However, especially in winter, it is caused by sugar, so please use it with confidence
(8)Date of Manufacture Marked on label or top of container
(9)For large stores
(10)1399 without a country code for reporting bad food
(11)Lid LDPE Handle Label PP 8801022021965 Warning Excessive drinking can cause stroke memory damage or dementia
(12)Drinking during pregnancy increases the risk of birth of a deformed child
(13)⑩Only Semi is prohibited from selling

a beautiful forest

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