a country that has gone bankrupt because of fraud

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(1)In early 1992, Albania, a small Eastern European country, was in a serious economic crisis
(2)Enver Hoza, the world’s double dog
(3)The reason was that the bean candy dictator Enver Hoza, who ruled Albania for decades in the past, had a very extreme policy of closure
(4)Hoja was so defeated by the Soviet Union and the U.S. that Heungseon Daewongun cried and tried to rule the country with Stalinism, and eventually, Albania’s economy fell repeatedly during his tenure
(5)Eventually, in the late 1980s, Albania’s per capita income plunged to the $700 level, and Albania became a broken country on par with Africa’s poor
(6)As a result, in 1991, angry Albanians toppled the statue of Hoja, calling for democratization, reform, and openness, and eventually free elections led Albania to finally break away from the country
(7)However, Albania had a communist shutdown policy for nearly 50 years, and as a result, no one knew capitalism even after its opening, the Albanian economy worsened and per capita income plunged to $240Eventually, even in 1992, a year after its opening, Albania was in a serious economic crisis
(8)Logos of the Albanian Democratic Party
(9)So the ruling Albanian Democratic Party at the time called in economists
(10)I decided to do it’s
(11)It’s High Dinh Sedi
(12)The Democrats soon brought in an economist named Heidin Saydiya
(13)He founded a company called Albania on Essaidiba
(14)And then invest in this company to guarantee high returns for Albanians
(15)He asked me to give him something, and he threatened to give him a part-time job
(16)Isn’t it ominous
(17)Yes, Sesaidya was a fraudthread
(18)It is a multi-level fraud by deceiving Jeongbanian wealth
(19)Of course, if it’s a normal country, you’ll notice it right away, and you’ll see that
(20)I’m sure he was arrested or deported
(21)Bunked in Albania
(22)The idea of capitalism or multi-level fraud has continued because of the half-continuation of the country
(23)The Albanian government without this did not establish itself rather than expertlyall
(24)Step Company Statement
(25)Also, I put this money in the generous amount of high-income security companies that I had already suffered from terrible povertyIt’s you, but all the innocent kids at the time are also D
(26)The Saga people are misled by the word, but his multiple words
(27)Of course, I did tell you about the IMF
(28)’s Albanian income has been misled and sincerely advised by the IMF
(29)I ignored it
(30)Darvaniac fraudsters and the rest of us who saw the whole of Ligo fall for multi-levels
(31)Criminals fled to BarniaThe Albanians, who bulldozed companies, are the same as the West-level companies that raised funds in the countryI set up a stage company. Lee Kiwi
(32)Italy’s mafias have jumped into a healthy phase of consciousness, such as a local food company, and the multi-level companies have benefited, and the transportation companies have done so, and the Democratic Party’s talk
(33)The broadcast is multi-level
(34)the company’s operating funds in small amounts
(35)It’s very close. It’s very close to the brain
(36)Daidan, West Democratic Party, and Democratic Party
(37)Albanians seen pushing for asylum
(38)I’ve come to believe in multi-level companies all the more
(39)As the stages increase, the women in the albani are living in the people
(40)You gave me a high-yield dividend that the Asians really promised
(41)I’m going to have more money to spend on part-timers
(42)Even senior government officials have invested heavily in multi-level companies
(43)By 1997, two-thirds of Albanians had invested in these multi-level companies
(44)to the extent that
(45)a mysterious disease
(46)Thanks to this multi-level fraud at the national level, Alnia 1 started in 99396
(47)He gave me more than 8 complaints a year, so I made a mess next to himSo far, the phase companies have been paying dividends
(48)companies operating in Geslavi
(49)Silver trafficking has benefited greatly, and as a result it has been possible that multistage companies have sold weapons trafficking machines, 97 children are ripe for the year to January and their national income has risen by 1 to 1,000 months to $240 in JanuaryUntil this time, the hope of the future was coming to Boijang, as if it were peaceful, until 1997
(51)I received the wanted money
(52)It must have been hard. In this cold storm
(53)St. Albany
(55)By 1997, the Yugo Civil War had ended and it was the main source of funding for multi-level companies
(56)It became impossible, and then the leaders of the multilevel companies immediately fled and immediately sold it to Vanityu Company in the middle of a multi-tiered period
(57)Those who look younger than you
(58)They went bankrupt one after another
(59)Hundreds of thousands of people were unemployed as they went bankruptFortunately for the past
(61)By the end of January 1997, Albania’s economy was effectively bankrupt
(62)An angry part-timer caused a riot after being killed by a pure-eating hen egg
(63)On January 24, government buildings except for the Ministry of the Interior were protesting, and the Great Southern Alhae turned on Cain in Bahia
(64)It was a serious situation that would have been occupied, but at the end of February, it was damaged
(65)Especially civil servants and civil servants
(67)stomach meat
(68)Pasariman Station
(69)The situation in March got worse and the South actually became the European Northern Territory
(70)I’m done
(71)The Simpasa Riemann military base was taken over by protesters
(73)I knew that I had a duty to deal with the situation by working on Chorun Molang, so I ordered him to punish Mu, and I escaped and revealed him
(74)I’m afraid of discrimination and violence
(75)Battle of Zoeun
(76)And when I heard this news, I heard that the demonstrators who stole weapons were fighting at the level of a fierce civil war, and that the whole area was dominated by the warlords and the Amafian protesters in northern Albania
(78)Gunnee’s son, a giant warship, and Ji Man-jung’s request
(79)with the return of the communist state divided into two parts
(80)and even Wang Ju Jang Ha’s retro style
(81)There was even greatness
(82)Eventually, the Albanian government collapsed, and Berisalisha’s early presidential election
(83)Dae Chul-soo, please stop the pigtails, and the U.S. military, Turkey, Germany, France, etc. appealed for different things
(84)It’s just in time for military intervention
(85)Policing was maintained and the Albanian crisis was barely calmed down
(86)From January to April to May, there was a death toll of 200 million months, and the distrust of the government caused 00 property damage, and in 1997, 38 children were killed as the true babies of economic growth
(87)-1 rate
(88)It’s getting worseFortunately, Albania has not had such bloodshed or major riots since then, but it has created a lot of prestige
(89)The Nahandong incident grabbed Bani’s ankle and led to Albania’s
(90)I dropped a crab
(91)In 1997, Sadiyah took the Albanian Idinha’s actions abroad, and he went on a trip to the property of the war
(92)My father is still here, and he’s standing still


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