Idols who trade carrots a lot

image text translation

(1)YE NA is
(2)Do you usually use carrots
(3)a carrot lover
(4)I bought it recently, too
(5)Game lover
(6)The game console is called Oculus Quest
(7)a real fan
(8)I bought it from a carrot
(9)Yongsan-gu time
(10)You go and do the deal yourself
(11)Don’t be discouraged
(12)Please taste it
(13)Can I pay for the train
(14)Please make a poem
(15)shocking charisma
(16)Nego failed
(17)If it doesn’t work, it’s okay. If it doesn’t
(18)a key part of time
(19)Like this
(20)● What’s your temperature
(21)It’s 5 degrees for YE NA
(22)No, you
(23)No, you’re good at making money
(24)Why did you cut the money
(25)Please take a picture of Yongsan-gu
(26)It’s 5 degrees
(27)actual temperature
(28)371 degrees
(29)No, no ID
(30)Please open the picture
(31)Nonhyeon-dong’s water fist is about 653
(32)Nonhyeon-dong Water Fist

The water fist in Nonhyeon-dong

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