The reason why idols written by Chinese K-pop fans should only sell Korea, China and Japan

image text translation

(1)If you’re nice to Korean ENGENE
(2)● Your music chart score will improve as you want!!!!
(3)If you’re good to Chinese ENGENE
(4)Sales can go up as much as you want!!!!
(5)If you’re nice to Japanese ENGENE
(6)I’m going to buy a lot of goods!!
(7)If you say it well, they’ll say, “Only to Sooha or me.”
(8)I don’t buy albums, goods, and streaming
(9)After watching the comeback, “I’m leaving nothing but interesting.”

It’s legendary that a Chinese wrote this in Korean[Laughing]

Engine ← Fan Club Name

Sooha or me ← Idol webtoon main character’s name is Sooha

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