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(1)I’m just gonna have to be a little bit of a life the real thing
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(3)I am 39 years old, but I have been struggling since I graduated from college since my mid-20s
(4)I don’t know about apartments with 310 million won in 2019, but I just bought forest land in the area that I’ve been paying attention to
(5)In February of last year, the amazing thing is that the price of land soared to 900 million won, saying that various living facilities were coming in from a large mart nearby. I really cried
(6)I went to my first-ever barbar and drank over 10 Jackcocks, which cost over 8,000 won a glass
(7)Rather than just selling the land, it would be a big hit if you put up a one-room building as collateral. Everyone around me said that they would put up a three-story one-room building in September. In February, the construction team contacted me
(8)I was so ignorant that I thought they were giving me money when I got a cultural treasure, but the reality was like a dog
(9)Why do I have to follow all the regulations and excavate cultural assets, and the excavation process comes from the Cultural Heritage Administration to inspect and inspect all of them, and why do I pay for them
(10)I visited it several times because I was falsely accused, but I own the land, but the ownership of cultural properties varies from country to country, but it costs an average of 200,000 won to 1,000,000 won
(11)Are you kidding me? The construction is delayed and the excavation costs are thousandsEven if you complain to me about why, the officials say they can’t help it
(12)I went to see a lawyer and consulted him, but it didn’t work. One lawyer said it was okay if a cultural asset came out of my land
(13)They even told me that if this is going to happen, it’s better to just set fire and search for it’s better to go through it
(14)Anyway, my life is ruined^^ A few days ago, I drank alcohol and thought I would sneak in at night and crush it with a hammer
(15)B Sylvester
(16)Hugok Mathematics All-Gail Academy Construction Mathematics
(17)Post-song One-on-one Individualized Mathematics Specialized Individual Textbook Individual Progress Explanation
(18)Full Comment 82 C Body View Registration Order
(20)It’s a real dog system – dc app
(22)Look at how it came out last week. On the dcapp
(24)I understand that you’re doing this to me
(25)It’s not wet, so it’s making my eyes watery
(26)I don’t expect anything from him
(27)Shouldn’t the minimum amount of money found pay 100
(28)It’s not like you have ownership of something that was excavated
(29)Even if I cry and beg, they’re just civil servants
(30)I’m sorry the law is like thatin addition to
(31)dc app kk
(32)I drove with my companion…A U.S. male runaway dog caught in a sobriety crackdown
(33)a palm oil fan
(34)You said the land price was 900 million won
(36)I’ve been digging that for years and years, if you’re going to lose your expected return, you’re going to be in trouble
(37)I’m pulling – dc app
(38)It’s not that it’s not sold as a cultural property. It’s that moment of the world
(39)It’s not that bad
(40)But I’m curious what kind of relics will come out in which era
(41)It’s a knife I don’t see. It’s a little rusty iron piece, it’s a figure
(42)It’s the same, but what are you talking about? You’re making a fuss about itHe said, “Wow~”
(43)Ten cubs, ten and a half, a knife
(44)Stabbed with, drugged and killed. Doship
(45)Hey! The eldest ones[Laughing]
(46)SSG Landers
(47)But there’s land, and it’s worth 900 million. You’re being so mean
(48)It’s over 1648 miles The gani of the ground just chi. Listen to it now
(49)It’s over 100 million years. I’m dead
(51)Is it a god who wears it because it’s called “Um-sal?”
(52)It’s not a small sarin, but a small forest, dalang Hanaram
(53)a man of possession
(54)As soon as you come out, you lose all your wealth and become bankrupt
(55)This comment has been deleted
(56)Loo211235 All around
(57)There’s no guarantee that it’ll be the only one here – dc
(58)You know it well. I’ve been running all over the place
(59)A fire that could have become a fire, or a land that’s dead
(60)Loo 2 bar side 03248
(61)If you say, “Let’s make sure you don’t miss a single toe seed in the country house!”The pocket you used to write in January of the year comes to me
(62)Why did you tease me? I didn’t throw it away. I sat down on Naraeju and cried
(63)the bottom of the forehead
(65)b Palm High L Nikwang Fan
(66)If I just sold it, it would’ve been 900 million won
(67)Kyung, don’t just bury it. Come out
(68)Anonymous 118235
(69)So old men who have some experience are cultural properties, incineration boxes, and cultural properties feed us, and the old cat farm is garbage
(70)Seals are falling


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