I heard that a guy was putting on sunscreen

image text translation

(1)I heard it’s difficult for men to put on sunscreen
(2)My skin gets tanned easily
(3)I don’t want to look at the back of my neck
(4)I put on sun cream every once in a while at school
(5)Today, a male colleague
(6)Why do you put on sunscreen like a gay person
(7)How can I come up with that idea
(8)You’re not wearing anything
(9)I Lol There are still people who don’t put it on these days
(10)And don’t say that. I don’t think I learned it seriously
(11)You can just burn it. What’s wrong with a man
(12)To be honest, I was a bit upset at this time
(13)Then I’ll take responsibility for your skin burn
(14)You’re not even going to do it for me. Why are you meddling
(15)I want to take responsibility
(16)My eyes were shaking, and then
(17)I could tell that my friend’s ears turned red
(18)I’m going to put off sunblock for today

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