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(1)Self-inflicted by the leader of the private main opposition party
(2)Han Dong-hoon’s rough mouth that mentioned the misdemeanor
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(4)One price
(5)On the 18th, Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon cursed Lee Jae-myung, chairman of the Democratic Party of Korea, who was taken to a hospital due to poor health during fasting Regarding the prosecution’s request for an arrest warrant for CEO Lee, he said, “I don’t think there should be a precedent in which the judicial system is suspended just because the suspect who was being investigated fasts and self-harms.” He likened the leader of the main opposition party to a misdemeanor and defined his fasting as self-harm on the 19th day of the day as cruel and arrogantIs it really the job of the Minister of Justice, a civil servant who should maintain political neutrality in the face of extreme confrontation between the ruling and opposition parties, to provoke, antagonize and disparage the opposition party

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(1)Erai, if you get caught committing a crime, you’ll have to pay the receipt of your off-duty tax on your phone, and delete it and submit it. That’s the way for misdemeanors to use it. What kind of misdemeanor starve for 20 days, Bungshin
(2)Han Dong-hoon Hospital Escorted to Lee Jae-myung
(3)”This is what criminals will do in the future
(4)Reporter Cho Moon-hee
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Moon So Gawen is so cool (Shaking)

But what’s the point of hiding this human cell phone’s password

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