Announcer who hosted my ex-girlfriend’s wedding

image text translation

(1)Same title, different vibe! 5th place in T-song, East America. 02 Shinhwa, your wedding in 92 years Yoon Jong Shin
(2)Every Friday at 8:03pm
(3)My boyfriend’s
(4)Same title, different feeling, same name, same name, hit
(5)5th place 02 SHINHWA’s wedding in 1992 Yoon Jong Shin every Friday at 8:30 p.m
(6)Minah was invited to the wedding
(7)Same title, totally different feeling. Dongmyeong’s hotte
(8)Every Friday
(9)I thought it was him!!
(10)Same title, different feeling, Dongmyeong’s hotte
(11)5th place 02 SHINHWA’s “Your Wedding 92 Yoon Jong Shin Main Broadcast” every Friday at 8:03pm
(12)What kind of situation is this!
(13)an invitation to one’s ex-girlfriend’s wedding
(14)Same title, different feeling! Hott, East England
(15)Every Friday at 8 o’clock
(16)So I hosted the show!
(17)Same title, different vibes, hotte
(18)The main show is aired every Friday at 8:30pm.m
(19)Same title, different vibe! Dongmyeong Art
(20)Every Friday at 8:30
(21)Same title, different feeling! Hit song by Dongmyeong
(22)5th place. 02 SHINHWA’s “Your Wedding 92 Yoon Jong Shin”
(23)You’re the best
(24)Same title, different vibe! British and British Hott
(25)Every Friday at 8 o’clock, 305th place 02 SHINHWA’s Your Wedding, 92 years of Yoon Jong Shin
(26)an Adam’s apple smile
(27)More than singing, it’
(28)Lee Dong-geun’s “Your Meat-Eating Show” WIN


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