a miscellaneous crime in a country

image text translation

(1)Han Dong-hoon prosecution business promotion expenses Baek Ji-young
(2)Suspicion of “receiving” “Ink volatilized after storing it for a long time.”
(3)Input 20230726 PM 548 Daeyeon Reporter Tak Ji-young

image text translation

(1)1)Spouse’s vehicle purchase fake registration -> Violation of Article 37 subparagraph 2 of the Resident Registration Act
(2)2 Refusal to disclose mobile phone passwords -> Violation of National Public Officials Number 3 Illegal expansion of Bucheon Commercial Building -> Violation of Article 11 of the Construction Act 4 Spouse Attorney’s Qualification in New York State -> Violation of the Lawyers Act
(3)5 Mother Apartment Convenience Gift -> Violation of Tax Offender Penalty Act No. 3
(4)7 Illegal farmland ownership -> violation of Article 6 of the Farmland Act
(5)8 Sampoong Apartment Rent Increase 43 -> Violation of Article 7 (2) of the Housing Lease Protection Act
(6)9 Lease of Tower Palace owned by Samsung C&T executives -> Violation of Article 2-2 of the Public Official Ethics Act
(7)10 Goldman Sachs Lawyers Lease Tower Palace -> Violation of Article 2-2 of the Public Service Ethics Act
(8)11 Mother-in-law holds shares of Samsung Electronics -> Article 2 of the Public Service Ethics Act
(9)12 Preparation of Real Estate Down Contract -> Real Estate Transaction Reporting Act 4
(10)Violation of Article 3
(11)13 Obligation to submit data -> Article 12 (1) of the Personnel Hearing Act
(12)Violation of Article 5 (1) of the Anti-National Assembly Testimony Appraisal Act


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