A warning from a person who often said “Blind One Night”

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(1)Don’t say “one night”
(2)Hello, people who are doing one night
(3)I’m going to tell you my story
(4)When I was 24 years old, I was crazy about Tinder, so I used to be with a different man every day
(5)I did it
(6)When I was 25, I got to know Blah and when I was mad, I did one night
(7)It doesn’t matter if you swear that you’re a mop, because you’re a mop
(8)At first, I didn’t even know what STD was
(9)I would never do it without condoms, so even after I knew it
(10)I thought I wouldn’t get STDs
(11)One day, a warts came up in a bogey
(12)I went to the obstetrics and gynecology clinic crying, but warts weren’t the problem
(13)Three high-risk groups of HPV virus and four low-risk groups
(14)After hearing that, I got laser treatment to get rid of warts
(15)I couldn’t rest properly and I regretted my past self
(16)And on the way, I started getting vaccinated
(17)Fortunately, all the warts are gone, but the virus isn’t gone yet
(18)The Hpv virus is one high-risk group and one low-risk group
(19)The high-risk group is 16, and there’s also stage 1 findings of cervical cancer
(20)Not too long ago, I had a laser procedure
(21)Don’t sleep with anyone
(22)I’m taking responsibility for what I’ve done, but I want someone who reads to stop, please
(23)A warning from a woman who used to do one night a lot
(24)I can’t bring the warts from the genital to the dog drip
(25)Replaced with pictures of gondrums in the mouth
(26)It’s better to have those bumps happen in the genitalia regardless of gender
(27)HPV phosphorus papilloma virus
(28)human papillomavirus

image text translation

(1)HPV doesn’t just create bumps
(2)It infects basal cell layer cells to develop cell dysplasia
(3)Furthermore, it creates cancer
(4)Cervical cancer when infected with female cervical cancer
(5)Genital cancer, urethral cancer, male genital cancer is uncommon in male voice
(6)Instead, if you have oral sex often, your mouth will smell like the picture above
(7)There is a risk of developing cancer if you develop rubella or develop cell dysplasia in the head and neck around the mouth and further deteriorate
(8)Head and neck cancer caused by HPV is on the rise regardless of gender
(9)HPV cannot be blocked with condoms
(10)If there were nearly three people who had sex regardless of gender
(11)HPV can be considered to be infected
(12)A doctor said that
(13)The sex-living population of 80 is said to be infected once in a lifetime
(14)But out of 200 HPVs, infections with a high risk of cancer number 16 and 18 are said to be critical
(15)Non-primary type HPVs exist with low probability of gondylinder warts and cancer
(16)Men’s vocal cords have a black dot shape or a simple protruding shape, making it difficult to check whether they have a horn or HPV


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