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(1)Seo In-young, a bride about to get married in February
(2)HaHa and Dadi Mom for the 10th wedding anniversary
(3)My ears are fast

Seo In-young’s daily life, which has changed dramatically by living with her husband, “I have to come home before 9 o’clock and prepare a meal.”

Singer Seo In-young, who is about to get married next month, revealed her completely changed daily life after meeting her husband. Seo In-young appeared on KBS 2TV’s entertainment program “The Problematic Children in the Rooftop Room,” which aired on the 25th, and said she was living with her husband after registering her marriage first. Afterwards, he reported on his changed daily life, saying, “After getting married, I went home faster.”


You looked happy up to this point. Why

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