How Korea is getting damaged

What’s happening in Korea


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(1)The government, which is blocking, is more worried about next year
(2)This year…next year
(3)News Desk
(4)a central government levy
(5)Natural disuse of budget
(6)36 trillion won
(7)World surplus, etc
(8)This year, next year
(9)Jeong Jeong-hoon, head of the taxation department at the Ministry of Strategy and Finance
(10)First of all, while responding by utilizing surplus funds from the World Surplus Fund, taking into account ordinary disuse such as projects that are inevitably difficult to implement within the year…
(11)This year, next year
(12)the remaining 24 trillion won
(13)Fund for procurement from various funds · KRW 20 trillion and other funds KRW 4 trillion
(14)Some pointed out whether it is appropriate to use emergency funds to defend against exchange rates
(15)Lee Jung-hwan, professor of economics and finance at Hanyang University
(16)It’s a strong dollar situation, but keep in mind that the dollar can weaken
(17)We have to let it go, and spending money can set a bad precedent…
(18)This year, next year
(19)Recovering slower than expected in the second half of the year
(20)The aftermath of corporate tax cuts will also begin in earnest from next year
(21)Jeong Jeong-hoon, head of the taxation department at the Ministry of Strategy and Finance
(22)It’s down more than the corporate tax year for next year
(23)I think it will definitely affect the business performance
(24)Local government’s tax revenue loss of 23 trillion won is borne
(25)Due to the lack of tax revenue, the government’s operating funds are insufficient
(26)They started using the exchange rate-defensive silver drawers that they piled up in the vestibule
(27)He and the victims of flood damage in Korea are not even able to get support
(28)If you go abroad and pay tens of billions of won in foreign disaster support
(29)Yoon Seokyeol is the one who promised to do it

I picked a wrong person and I’m really going to ruin it

It is a fact that large corporations are not even able to collect taxes properly due to the collapse of operating profits due to the Rune regime’s economic policies and half-baked anti-China, and the fact is that the country is in vain

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