a middle school girl who said she was ashamed of her obstetricians

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(2)I was ashamed at the gynecologist, but I’m sensitive
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(5)Hello, I’m a junior high school student I went to the gynecologist for the first time yesterday because it was itchy and cold, and I marked it on the questionnaire that I had experience, and when I went in, the doctor told me to value my body because my daughter is the same age as me, so I was a bit embarrassed. Was this nonsense or was I being sensitive
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(7)I guess it was because a doctor with a child of his age felt sorry for him because he said he already had experience in his third year of middle school I want to tell you to cherish your body, too It’s not good for your health to experience sex even before your body is complete I’m afraid of pregnancy because of my immature response. Do as much as you want when you’re an adult
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(9)I’m not shy when I do it
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(11)It’s useless even if you’re over 20 years old, but 16 years old is too much. It’s true that you can say it as a doctor. No fault with the doctor
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(13)I said what I needed to say. Now a 16-year-old is here to experience it, but the doctor won’t tell you
(14)It’s just a problem
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(16)You’re sensitive. Please take care of yourself I’m worried that you already have experience
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(19)It’s not shame that I heard advice from the doctor, it’s shame that the third year of middle school has sexual experience
(20)I know you were in a bad If you were against the doctor, you thought I cared enough about my body and was involved with it, what was the problem But let’s think about it If you’re pregnant right now, you can take care of it yourself I want the other guy to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases I’ve suggested that if it’s not confirmed, I won’t be involved, and it’s disgraceful that the doctor asks, and I can ask my family for help in time To cherish your body is to take responsibility for your body and act to the extent that you can solve it, otherwise you just let your body roll where it flows
(21)You must be so ashamed because you’re not proud of yourself… “Fan ID” said
(22)I have nothing to say
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(24)Wow, if my daughter went around like that when she was 16, she would have made a lot of dough at the gynecology
(25)It’s disgraceful to hear that, not to sleep with a man at that age
(26)You’re a ninth grader. I’m talking for you
(27)You feel like you’ve done something shameful In the meantime, the doctor is nosy
(28)I can’t believe you said that
(29)At 16, you get itching and go to the gynecologist at that age
(30)It’s more disgraceful to go with that, obstetrics and gynecology
(31)I don’t know what the real shame is when I’m young
(32)The 3rd year of middle school is too fast. From the parents’ point of view, it’s going to break my heart. The meaning of worrying
(33)He’s a good doctor
(34)I said what my mom can’t say. I can’t tell my parents about my sexual experience
(35)You know what’s wrong with yourself, so think carefully about it. An accident is a moment
(36)A doctor is a person who is obliged to check whether there is child abuse or not, and you think
(37)I think you’re all grown up, but if you’re 30,000, you’re 14 minors. You’re 15 years old
(38)If you take care of your health
(39)You should’ve understood that. You were stabbed for no reason. You didn’t have sex with a minor
(40)Think of it as a good old man and don’t tell him to encourage contraception
(41)It’s best not to have sex when you’re a minor in Korea
(42)That’s right, but not what the doctor says. The doctor is the one who does the treatment
(43)If you raise your daughter, you can’t blame her for the existence of a new personal relationship
(44)It’s important to do it separately from the division of medical practice
(45)You’re right as a doctor. It also means good contraception
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(47)I can’t believe you’really
(48)It reminds me of some gynecological review. My mom swore at me and said I was unkind
(49)You let go… Why did you ask me that? What’s wrong with you? What’s wrong with your blind friendship? You must have asked Rita why…Think of it as being annoying and tingling every day
(50)a fishy fish
(51)What do you mean


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