grounds for disciplinary action by a firefighter

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(1)D Seoul Newspaper
(2)Go! ZU231120 Go! News
(3)”I have to go to the hospital, but I have to take a shower, so 30 minutes later.”
(4)”Send me an urgent car”
(5)The firefighter who faithfully responded to the report of the 119 ambulance dispatch reservation was disciplined for asking the caller to pay attention
(6)According to the National Public Officials Union Fire Department on the 20th, the Incheon Fire Department recently issued a warning to A in his 30s, a seven-year firefighter this year, who is prohibited from rewarding him for one year
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(1)D Seoul Newspaper
(2)The reason for the disciplinary action was that the unfriendly response caused unnecessary complaints even though the government had to handle everything kindly according to the service regulations of national civil servants
(3)A said on August 7th, “I’m having a hard time because of my fever and runny nose. I have to go to the hospital.” However, I received a 119 report saying, “Please send an ambulance in 30 minutes because I have to take a shower.”
(4)At that time, A arrived at the scene at a similar time requested by the reporter, but the reporter walked out of the house after eight to nine minutes
(5)Mr. A asked the reporter, “You shouldn’t make the ambulance wait like this,” and then transferred him to the hospital
(6)Since then, the reporter has filed several complaints, including “I felt humiliated” or “the dispatched personnel were not kind.”
(7)Mr. A is short-term won due to stress caused by malicious complaints

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