The writer’s year-round thinking was revealed

image text translation

(1)There are maggots in the graves of the families who went first
(2)After the quarantine, there was a case where the remains of the tomb were collected and the remains were slain
(3)Others encroach on the field of my mother who is left alone
(4)The land dispute has begun
(5)I’ve asked you to leave, but my opponent has held out, so it’s still going on
(6)Unbeknownst to me, I inherited hundreds of millions of won in debt from my legal mother
(7)He didn’t know where he was
(8)I was sued to pay it back
(9)I need to get my birth registration right to resolve it
(10)We’re also working on a paternity suit with your biological mother
(11)I sleep three to four hours a day and moveMalignant adenoma and polyps spread and liver damage
(12)My gastrointestinal colon reached the pre-cancer stage, and I had surgery to remove the tumor, and I couldn’t take any medicine because of liver fibrosis
(13)My fever hasn’t dropped below 38 degrees due to a cold, but I can’t take antipyretic pain medication and antibiotics because of liver function
(14)I was half fainted, and it caused a lot of disruption I’m sorry
(15)I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to finish it if I died
(16)Fortunately, hepatic fibrosis stopped right in front of the cirrhosis diagnosis
(17)Some cells can’t be reversed, but as long as they’re well maintained
(18)Decades are fine, and even if you go to cirrhosis, you can live for 5 to 10 years
(19)I think we have enough time to complete it
(20)In the harsh reality, the work activities
(21)To me, it’s light, it’s escape, it’s the meaning of life
(22)I’m a maniac who thinks of art even when I hold the remains in my arms
(23)I write a story whenever I can


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