Breaking news: Reasons for the impeachment of the 5th Donggwan.jpg

image text translation

(1)a media repression and broadcasting technician
(2)Impeach the moving tube!
(3)the five main reasons
(4)1 Korea Communications Commission
(5)The Korea Communications Commission, a 15-member agreement system, has been flooded into a two-member system
(6)■ Violation of the Korea Communications Commission Act!
(7)2 Military Dictatorship
(8)Unfair intervention and pressure on KBS, MBC, and JTBC as an excuse for fact-checking
(9)Violation of the Constitution and Broadcasting Act!
(10)3 in the work of the Korea Communications Standards Commission
(11)Directed the Korea Communications Standards Commission to deliberate on the Internet media
(12)4 Chairman of the Board of Directors
(13)Chairman Kwon Tae-sun returns to court ruling
(14)Additional dismissal for the same reason as director Kim Ki-jung
(15)Violation of the Broadcasting Act and the Visiting Progress Act!
(16)5 KBS Board of Directors
(17)Even though they are aware of the violation of the president’s appointment rules, they are pushing ahead
(18)Violation of the broadcasting law!
(19)The Minjoo Party


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