the pregnancy of a sister in her 40s

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(1)I’m about to have a menopause. I’m in my 40s
(2)The end of pregnancy in my 30s after a safe night
(3)Lee Dong-jun input 2024272203
(4)▼ 18
(5)It’s not good for women, such as side effects of specialist abortion surgery.”
(6)28 Minutes of Marriage
(7)If the other person gets pregnant with one night
(8)How much am I responsible for
(9)I’m in my 30s and my partner is in his early 40s, but I’m pregnant
(10)The other person is so determined to give birth that I can’t speak
(11)Marriage is too much for me
(12)Would it be enough to check the parent-child status and pay child support after giving birth
(13)My hair is so complicated


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