A gym worker who snatched government employees’ taxes

image text translation

(1)Gijang Gymnasium
(2)a management office
(3)8 After lunch, a thief official who gets off work
(4)53rd month. All the calls
(5)Work for the disabled in the toilet in front of the hard skin
(6)Toilet Electricity in front of Mitigation Large Parking Lot X
(7)Episode 524 just happened to be on my way to work
(8)Mr. A, who was hired as a safety management employee at the gym, recorded this for a year because his boss, three public officials, were away too often
(9)Housewives didn’t return to the closing of the afternoon business trip
(10)Housewives 13 15 minutes to work Housewives 130 weeks to work 13 15 minutes to work
(11)Housewives 131
(12)Housewives get off work around 1325
(13)0 Week. Get off work around 1325 minutes
(14)Outfield 1918 CA after leaving work after lunch
(15)0 Officer leaves work after lunch. – Around 4 o’clock
(16)Leaving it in the office of the disaster prevention office
(17)ⅰ I’m not sure if you’re going to be able to do it
(18)Any ups and downs of the afternoon off work
(19)141325 Minutes
(20)I’m going home after lunch
(21)around 4 p.m
(22)I’m telling you about the fact that I’m an employee
(23)I work half a day and break my work hours
(24)I go to work early, but I get paid every day
(25)A former official at the captain’s gym
(26)If one person does that, he’ll have to stay in the office, but by 3-4 p.m., he’ll have other people
(27)Let’s put other people on the table
(28)I’ll make him answer the phone and go home
(29)commuting at will
(30)Previously, an indifferent function
(31)539-1 Daylight Plane
(32)Busan Metropolitan City
(33)8 CCTV shows you leaving work from 3 to 4 p.m
(34)2 out of 3 people get off work after lunch and 1 person gets a bit busy and then gets off work around 3 or 4 o’clock
(35)Let’s take turns doing this
(36)8 Even during weekend events, I just go to work and leave work
(37)Due to the nature of the workplace, I’m the busiest on weekends, but I leave work as soon as I get a picture
(38)Mr. B’s former public servant at Gijang Gymnasium
(39)The call is back to us, so if you get a call, it’s okay
(40)I don’t know if the civil servants are there
(41)I won’t be able to answer you, and this situation keeps repeating itself
(42)Of course, the related calls have been tanked by the staff
(43)Still, the suspicious employee left a record for a year and filed a complaint against it, so the problem was solved
(44)Sports facility manager
(45)Busan Sports City Public Official Management Office
(46)I’m explaining everything in my mind because I’m disappointed
(47)I don’t think I want to talk about NEWS’ way to and from work
(48)a prosthetic organ
(49)8 Busan City Commissioned Audit…Measures to move 3 public officials in question
(50)Ah. Laughing


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