My house is in hot water because of my marriage

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(1)Yamabang (Yamabang)
(2)It’s sad that my house is sold out because of the love marriage in 20s and 30s
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(4)It’s not my home. It’s my dad’s 33-year pension
(5)Other than that, I haven’t prepared for my retirement
(6)But I don’t think it’s okay until he dies, but my brother brought a girl with him to get married this time. Maybe that’s why my step-sister put a lot of pressure on him to get married. Maybe that’s why he kept asking me to give him 200 million won to support him when he got married. ㅂㅅ
(7)He’s not the type to say that
(8)Seeing that many relatives said that
(9)I think she blew the wind from the side. Seriously
(10)Wow, I didn’t think I would say this
(11)I quit my job before I even got married
(12)She says she’s going to be a housewife when she gets married
(13)I don’t want to take paternity leave. I just want to focus on housework I’m talking
(14)I’m saying this because she’s Bam-Tang, but there’s a kimchi girl that Hannams really talk about
(15)Cognitive dissonance is coming
(16)I’ve seen this situation on the Internet or in dramas
(17)I feel dizzy thinking that it’s my house
(18)I thought I should get along with my sister-in-law when she comes
(19)I’m going crazy because I think I’m going to curse if I watch it
(20)There’s nothing to lament and I didn’t want to go into the house, so I came to the PC room
(21)Life is so realistic. My family used to be happy on holidays
(22)It’s just that we’re really on harmony. It’s on thin ice. S.B
(23)Why should I marry a woman for less than 200 million? I’m rooting for her not to marry her
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(25)If you look around the ㄲ, a man has to bring 300 million won to get married. I think it’s better to split up for each other
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(27)I think married people overestimate themselves
(28)If you see that you have to get 200 million won because you’re getting married, your mind is no different from Southeast Asian trading marriages, and in reality, people who earn less than 50 million won take 200 million won for granted, not 100 million won a year
(29)I have no sense of reality
(30)It’s like I’m not intelligent in general
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(32)22 is just a real trade marriage. Married mind
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(34)d. That’s not going to sell
(35)If you can’t do that, don’t marry a man
(36)There’s a problem with women vs
(37)The reaction is being divided


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