one’s daughter-in-law’s own daughter

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(1)The groom’s mother, who looked at her daughter-in-law’s hand during the wedding, was surprised because she had a scar that looked too similar to the scar that her daughter lost on the street was born 20 years ago The mother of the groom asked the bride’s mother just in case, and she said, “Did you adopt it?” Surprisingly, the answer came back
(2)Citing local Sohu news reports, U.S. Internet media Next Shark reported on the 6th that it was a surprising event in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China, on the 31st of last month. I wonder how this could happen It sounds like a April Fool’s Day lie. I wonder how the two families hold a ceremony without checking the information about their in-laws’ house. The bride’s parents said they never told their daughter that they had adopted her
(3)But there’s a great twist It’s right that the two of her own daughters, Minnie, are siblings, so the marriage should not be delayed. But the groom’s mother confessed that Maddle also adopted her He lost his own daughter and spent a long time searching for it, and he decided to adopt it because he thought it was useless. Therefore, he said there was no problem because he was a man, so the ceremony proceeded as it was In other words, the groom’s mother turned into a bride’s mother’s son-in-law and welcomed the horses
(4)Of course, it was not a wedding, but a mother-daughter reunion. The two burst into tears and hugged each other fiercely The bride confided that she is happier to meet her mother-in-law than to marry the bridegroom. Not only is it a hot topic of wedding photos on Chinese social media. It is not known exactly how she lost her daughter, but it is widely known that human trafficking is prevalent in rural China. It is not known how she adopted the maid, but there is a movement to find her biological parents, Next Shark said
(5)Sohu News pointed out that it is a favorite story of Korean drama writers, but it actually happened At first, it was ridiculous, but I think it wasn’t pointed out that this kind of story appeared frequently when we watched a drama


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