Director Syngman Rhee’s previous work

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(1)We call the 2020 parliamentary elections 415 rigged electionsWho stole your ticket
(2)South Korea’s K-Boating Wobbles in Crisis
(3)a documentary film
(4)documentary film
(5)The National Assembly election was filmed overseas in the U.S. and Germany
(6)Director Kim Deok-young
(7)the election of a member of a conference
(8)Production Co., Ltd. VON Screenplay Director Kim Deok-young Narrated Min Kyung-wook Premiere on April 15, 2023
(9)Group viewing and screening inquiries 01040401799 text message

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(1)With Director Kim Deok-young of the War of the Foundation
(2)Min Kyung Wook TV
(3)100,000 subscribers

Narrated Min Kyungwook

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