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(1)It’s true that Han Dong-hoon and Lee Jae-myung ate 10 million won worth of fruit with his corporate credit card
(2)Input 20240213 PM 217 Article document
(3)Reporter Lee Mina

The 3rd generation brother-in-law, a foreign car camouflaged

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(1)South Korea’s 3rd Brother-in-law with Prosecutor Broken Brother-in-law
(2)1 The brother-in-law of the President of Yoon Suk Yeol, Yangpyeong Gongheung District Development Preferential KRW 79.8 billion
(3)0 won in development charges and forgery of private documents despite sales performance
(4)2 Sexual violence against female co-workers during Minister Han Dong-hoon’s brother-in-law’s prosecutor
(5)3 Deputy Prosecutor Lee Jung-seop’s brother-in-law’s domestic violence and drugs
(6)But the media doesn’t seem to have any intention of investigating the prosecution’s family I don’t even stretch out the front of my houseIs he being strict about respecting privacy, is he scared, or is he on the side of it

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(1)a bit of tightness

You’ve got a lot of bloating to show, too. You’re a gasoline mischievous bird

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