I told you to make a toast and you announced that you were leaving

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(1)I asked him to make a toast, but he announced his resignation
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(3)My friend worked for a mid-sized company for 4 years
(4)It’s been 9 years since I’ve been with him, and he’s been working so hard
(5)What’s more, the company is so conservative that it’s in the military culture
(6)Did you graduate from college? I can’t even do this
(7)I’m going to die because I told him to do it
(8)If you don’t want to die, shut up, and so on. Verbal abuse
(9)He said he was beaten
(10)I’ve been working on the joint
(11)And last week, I joined the new team
(12)I was having a welcome party for newbies today and I asked them to make a toast
(13)Friend said thisYes
(14)A new employee reminds me of me who joined the company with a dream
(15)It’s supposed to be a happy work life, but I’m stupid
(16)I think that’s why people around me are living a depressing work life
(17)For a happy life, I want to quit here. LOL
(18)He made a toast by himself and drank it all upYes
(19)I don’t know if I’m upset or relaxed right now
(20)I’m sleeping with more soju in my studio
(21)It’s the same
(22)I’m sad to think about the friend who worked hardㅜㅠ


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