Tale of a Thai prison for North Korean defectors

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(1)When I go to Thailand
(2)He’s an illegal immigrant
(3)I went to Thailand and had a trial
(4)Looking back!
(5)I got caught
(6)So, they sent me to the prison
(7)It’s immigration
(8)No, I didn’t go there
(9)I didn’t go there
(10)He sent me to prison. He tried it
(11)It was a prison where everyone was together
(12)Yumi’s TalkBox
(13)I went with the killers
(14)I wore a steel furrow on my legs
(15)It’s a total felony
(16)I felt it in there
(17)There are murderers and violent criminals
(18)Looking back!
(19)There’s a misdemeanor like me
(20)No, it’s just that the prison’s got a fence
(21)Yumi’s akBo
(22)No, more than North Korean society
(23)It was heaven
(25)That’s where I think a lot
(26)- I felt it for the first time
(27)- That’s right
(28)That’s happened to me, too. When I was in China
(29)Yumi’s TalkBook
(30)It was so nice
(31)Hey, if North Korea doesn’t just send me back to the North
(32)looking back
(33)If you’re thinking about not sending it to Korea
(34)I wish I could just leave it here forever
(35)- That’s what I thought
(36)At the Thai prison
(37)It’s worth thinking about
(38)Compared to North Korean prisons
(39)- There’s rice left over, too
(40)He does everything in what he wants to say
(41)- It’s hot outside, so if you want to sleep, go to sleep
(42)If you want to play it, it’s a talent
(43)If you want to smoke, smoke and look back!
(44)I’ll turn it on at night and watch it if I want to
(45)- If you don’t want me to
(46)· We played foot volleyball inside
(47)I played table tennis
(48)You don’t have any pocket money to do
(49)If you don’t have pocket money, in one corner of the prison
(50)It’s for stone processing
(51)I used a hammer to tap it
(52)If you want to work there, you can work there
(53)- Then give me the money
(54)Rum Donjun, that’s it
(55)If you don’t want to do it, you don’t have to go
(56)Oh my gosh, there’s such a thing
(57)It was a kick
(58)Yumi’s FalkBox
(59)- In North Korea, the whole place is
(60)It’s a prison
(61)It’s a prison without bars
(62)In it, I respect heaven and earth
(63)- I got two more
(64)I couldn’t communicate when I first went in
(65)I thought I was from South Korea
(66)They treat me well. They respect me very much. Prisoners look back!
(67)South Korea is an advanced country and lives well
(68)I have some money Well, I think
(69)What’s that
(70)for a few days
(71)I got caught
(72)- You’ve been nice to me, and I think you’re in trouble
(73)He’s being so mean all of a sudden
(74)So why do these guys think about it
(75)So, this is not South Korea, but looking back
(76)- North Korea. Turns out it’s North Korea
(77)They saw it in there
(78)It looks like Korea
(79)What you do is different
(80)It’s weird because I don’t have money
(81)- You’re out. You’re working
(82)- Yeah, I know
(83)I don’t even have cigarettes. I don’t need money
(84)I don’t even have cigarettes
(85)You can borrow someone else’s, but you can’t
(86)And the rice that others leave behind
(87)I eat it. Y- It’s crazy
(88)That’s why it’s weird
(89)I can’t communicate with you, so I can’t ask you well and look back
(90)I think he asked the guards
(91)So, there’s
(92)I heard it’s not South Korea
(93)After that, you saw me and Korea
(94)Kim Jong Il is like this
(95)Yumi’s alkBox
(96)Oh, because of Kim Jong Il
(97)Yumi’s TalkBos
(98)I think I’m going to be treated like a child there
(99)So, Korea is Korean
(100)depending on whether it’s South or North
(101)Yumi’s TalkBo
(102)a great spring
(103)It’s completely wrong. So
(104)I didn’t take it for a couple of days. Looking back
(105)I’m back in respect mode
(106)Yumi’s TalkBoy
(107)I have about two days left
(108)· There’s a South Cotoria that’s caught
(109)HJ: Oh my gosh, really
(110)He’s from Busan now
(111)I caught him and came in
(112)Korea has a lot of money
(113)The blanket is not a prison blanket
(114)He bought a new blanket
(115)It’s completely different. And then it’s delicious
(116)Yumi’s CIRBOX
(117)·We can communicate at first sight
(118)HJ: That’s right. Since we’re a Korean people
(119)It was so nice to see you
(120)Nice to meet you. Picture
(121)- I’ve never seen anyone from North Korea
(122)And so
(123)- It’s going to be crazy
(124)· Yes, I took the place that I made
(125)Someone told me to use it all over there
(126)He told me to stay here
(127)So together
(128)And this person… Don’t do anything about it
(129)That’s why you were so mean to me
(130)I’ll come one more time
(131)Because of South Korea
(132)And then I don’t have money
(133)There’s nothing, though
(134)Seo Na gets aid from that person
(135)- Everything I’ve ever used
(136)- It’s a North Korean sign. – That’s a North Korean sign
(137)- Wow, it’s totally direct


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