The story of breaking up with a Chinese girlfriend because of Xi Jinping

image text translation

(1)Ssiretxt broke up with her Chinese girlfriend because of Xi Jinping
(2)When I was in college, I got to know a Chinese student
(3)She came to Korea because of Korean dramas and K-pop, so she spoke Korean pretty well
(4)There’s a lot of anti-Chinese sentiment on the internet
(5)Since he likes Korea, he’s close to me and helped me out
(6)We’re dating somehow
(7)But he liked to get criticized because his sexual preferences were quite unique
(8)Especially, he doesn’t like this word
(9)When we have sex, they ask us to swear that we’re the best
(10)He’s so inferior. He’s such a good Korean man
(11)We had sex while cursing, but I’m so embarrassed
(12)And then, like any other day, we swear and have sex
(13)I asked for more, but I couldn’t think of anything to say
(14)I have to say something, but I’ve run out of things to say
(15)Then, suddenly
(16)He said he was a child like Xi Jinping
(17)He was serious for a second and asked me what I was talking about and said, “What are you talking about?”
(18)He dressed up and went out
(19)I made a mistake, so I tried to solve it well
(20)Why does Xi Jinping come out all of a sudden? Why did he curse at Xi Jinping
(21)He’s obsessed with Xi Jinping
(22)”As expected, two sesame seeds are two sesame seeds.” We broke up because we fell out of love


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